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Hearability is the sole distributor for Bellman & Symfon and Univox In Africa 

HearAbility (www.hearability.co.za) is an independent company founded in 2009 with Danny Havenga as a co-founder.  The name “HearAbility” is derived from “giving those who are hearing impaired the tools or ability to enhance their residual hearing as well as to improve their quality of life”.  The Company is devoted to serving the needs of the hearing impaired communities throughout Southern Africa and is based in Table View, Cape Town. Hearability Was Bought in 2014 By a UK company Called Microlink Global and has changed hearability from selling to the Public to distributing to Sub distributers in Africa. 


Bo EDIN (www.edin.se) develops, manufactures and delivers assistive hearing

devices, such as loop amplifiers since 1965.  The assistive hearing devices developed and produced by Bo EDIN were distributed mainly by LIC. Thanks to a strong technology portfolio and cutting edge products – in some cases world-leading – the exports began to grow in the early 70’s. Exports accounts for approximately of the total turnover.  The export countries include Norway, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, China (HK) and more recently South Africa.  Today Bo EDIN produces more than 10,000 loop amplifiers (branded Univox) per year.


Bellman & Symfon® AB (www.bellman.se) was founded in 1989 and now has about 20 employees in Sweden and about 120 in its international operations. The company is growing rapidly and its Swedish operations are currently supplemented by more than 45 international partners and distributors in Europe, the USA, Middle-east, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and now South Africa.


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